Whether you’re considering a divorce or going through one, Divorce Coaching helps you manage the overwhelm, avoid costly mistakes and create a healthy divorce.


First, we get clear on the challenges you’re facing and clarify the most important ones. Then, we identify what it looks like when they’ve been overcome. Next, we choose a specific package or solution. This could be help with the Business of Divorce, the Journey of Divorce, or another area. Packages are customized based on what you need the most.


My job is to support, focus, and guide you through the process so you make the best possible decisions for your future.


I’m a Certified Divorce Coach, listed in the official CDC directory.

Business of Divorce


Do you need help with…

  • Getting organized?
  • Finding a good lawyer?
  • Using the tools and systems necessary to work efficiently and cost effectively with lawyers and others?
  • Obtaining the resources you’ll need to arrange for parenting plans, your residence, etc.?


Journey of Divorce


Do you need help with the Business of Divorce along with sounding board and emotional support through the entire process?

Should I or Shouldn’t I?


Do you need help with…

  • Sorting through the difficult decision of whether you should or shouldn’t divorce?
  • Getting clear and open about your options?
  • Making the decision?
  • Communicating it?


Next Steps?


Do you need help with…

  • Defining the next steps after divorce?
  • Figuring out what areas of your life deserve attention?
  • Determining your focus?
  • Developing your independence?