Divorce can feel like a fire hose going off in all directions at once. Often there is a simultaneous change in multiple areas Рlegal, financial, parenting, emotional and social.


This practical guide will offer you important insights and and things necessary to reflect on and take into account when considering divorce, going through one, or helping a loved one through theirs.



Something as simple as words that we use has a powerful impact on the quality of our relationships and our lives.


This free, easy to follow checklist focuses on 10 most common daily words and phrases to watch for and replace.


Use this checklist daily and notice the shift in the quality of your thoughts, feelings, communications and outcomes!



Getting married or moving in together is one of the most affirming decisions in a couple’s relationship. It can also be filled with apprehension and unanswered questions.


Based on Vindy Teja’s popular TEDx Talk, this free sketchnote is a great tool for anyone considering a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement and looking for ways to navigate the process.