Are you feeling frustrated or unsatisfied in your relationships with family, friends and others?


Are you unmotivated, confused, or overwhelmed when it comes to school or work?


Are you striving to find more joy and meaning in your life?


YOLO: Essential Life Hacks for Happiness presents a practical approach to unlock the doors to a happy life, no matter what age or stage you’re at. Just like you seek out life hacks for everything under the sun, from troubleshooting your smart phone, to how to remove a grease stain from your favorite T-shirt… life hacks for happiness exist, too. It begins with clearly identifying what it actually means to practice love, courage and wisdom. That helps you demystify communication and promote mutual understanding, which allows you to have stronger relationships. It equips you with valuable self-knowledge and self- management skills, giving you a sense of focus and discipline. And it’ll give you the tools and the “green light” to live your life with purpose and vision.


“This book by Vindy Teja is about mindful living, and it will make you laugh, cry, and think. It is written by a woman of passion, grace and fire. I have been a part of this process as Vindy’s coach, mentor, and friend. I am awed that this book which Vindy has been pregnant with for a long time has finally come out by natural birth and not by C-section! It is her love child, birthed through tough times, aha moments and deep conversations. Dig deep, and find your thick veins of silver and nuggets of gold here.”
~ Jonathan Michael, Senior Birkman Consultant and Coach

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Praise for YOLO

Your Happiness may depend on it!

No one, at birth, is gifted the handbook of a guaranteed happy life. Formal education, that’s a gift, but how practical is a diploma when your heart is broken for the first time, or when a loved one is lost? If we could, we would all horde happiness, keep a tank full in reserve, but often life seems very committed to bleeding us dry of every last drop of joy. YOLO: Essential Life Hacks for Happiness is a healing cabinet stocked with practical, impactful insights. It’s a how-to on building a strong reinforced foundation of lasting happiness. Author, Vindy Teja is your sage on a journey towards life’s most worthwhile goal: your happiness.

Christopher Kennedy, Author and Podcast Co-Host of Virgin.Beauty.B!tch



Loved this book. It was an easy read, but full of simple techniques to improve life. This is an essential read for any age but I really wish I had read it as a young adult because it offers great tips to change your approach to life. During unsettling times, this book has helped me cope, stay grounded and improve my relationships. Excellent read!

Bal Dhaliwal-Sangha, Social Worker, Vancouver



Chapter 6 and Chapter 12 – sat on my heart as a burgundy thick melted wax stamp.
Mother of 3 youth, Obstetrician/Gynecological Surgeon, mid-forties, mid-divorce.
Finding happiness is mandatory for me at this stage, with the focus towards raising healthy kids, who have a healthy mom. Too often, Ive seen how poor mental health governs the body with physical detriments – a cycle that needs corrected.

Vindy – Congratulations! You have summarized simply, interactively and succinctly, what all of us, regardless of age or stage of life, could grow as our own personal assets.

Page 89, Mantra 7. Let me be me.
If only I had the chance to read this years ago. Yet, there is faith that it’s not too late. Your encouragement, reality-check concepts, reminder of better perspectives, improved vocabulary choices can be applied to home, work, basic social relationships, and even greetings to a stranger in an elevator.

Thank you for summarizing this for so many people.  An energetic read, and it will be re-read.

Sonia P., Obstetrician/Gynecological Surgeon, Pennsylvania

Focussed and practical

For those that aren’t interested in self-help books, THIS is for you! With a focused approach, the author hits the key areas to address to live a life that can bring you more happiness and calm. Written concisely, the author approaches the various topics in a direct, understandable and FUNNY way. While each subject is not addressed in great detail, that actually is what will make the book attractive to those who normally shy away from these kinds of books. There are practical suggestions, with exercises to help implement those suggestions, so that you are left feeling like there is something you can actually do that will make a difference.

Jasbir P., Toronto


Life Hacks is an engaging read filled with authentic messages that evoke a range of emotions that inspire the reader to embark on a journey of contemplative introspection. The book explores a variety of topics and does so in a way that is judgement free. This approach allows the reader the space and autonomy to reflect on their own lives and challenges and take from the book what is relevant to them. In essence the book provides a tool to demystify challenges that a reader may be facing and gives them clarity and insight on how they can move forward.
For me personally, the book caused me to shift some of my thinking and perspectives on all scales: from my daily thoughts and actions, to some of my outlooks and approaches. I finished this book having laughed, having cried and with a sense renewed energy. The book is definitely a worthwhile read as it is a good reminder that life is a journey and we are all a sum of our experiences.

Karima Bawa, Vancouver



Upon reading the book, I was impressed at how the conversations, as well as the thoughts and emotions behind them, were captured by Vindy. As an avowed non-reader I found the book kept me engaged both when I read it and long after I had put it down. The book examines a multitude of areas of one’s life by sharing personal experiences sprinkled with affirmations and quotes from those we likely do not know yet their words resonate with us. The hacks in the book offer some questions to ponder and suggestions for what we could do when all the sand we comfortably sunk our head into disappears unexpectedly. I have added the book to the Christmas gift list for my teenage daughter, and my early twenties son.

Larry Beryar, Fraud Investigator & Manager, Vancouver  



Something as simple as words that we use has a powerful impact on the quality of our relationships and our lives.


This free, easy to follow checklist focuses on 10 most common daily words and phrases to watch for and replace.


Use this checklist daily and notice the shift in the quality of your thoughts, feelings, communications and outcomes!

Passed Down from Mom


A Collection of Inspiring Stories about Moms & Motherhood


Mothers have lessons to share with their children, their friends, spouses and even strangers. This collection of short stories is told from the viewpoint of more than a dozen different mothers from all backgrounds. The common theme they all share is their motherhood. The stories inside touch on acceptance, worthiness, struggle, triumph, love, family and peace. Whether you are a mother or have a strong bond with your own mother, you will appreciate this collection of stories.

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Inspiring True Stories of Everyday Heroes


From the Frontlines of #COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic created an opportunity to appreciate our family, friends, neighbors, doctors, nurses, teachers and many others. Essential workers became a phrase some of us heard for the first time. It became a real life experience for so many around the world. The new anthology Inspiring True Stories of Everyday Heroes: From the Frontlines of #COVID-19 documents very different stories about the pandemic. The short stories share what it was like for real life heroes to push past their own fears, their own family concerns and go to work to support us. The public.

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