As a Professional Life and Divorce Coach, I am committed to supporting you in recognizing and fulfilling your highest potential. I work with a variety of clients, both women and men. My expertise is in assisting women who have given up their full time careers or businesses in order to stay home and raise their children. In our work together, I help them have clarity about what life looks like now, confidence in their changing roles, as well as security in knowing it’s all going to be OK.


First, we get clear on the challenges you’re facing and clarify the most important ones. Then, we identify what it looks like when they’ve been overcome. Next, we choose a specific package or solution, whether it’s help with the Business of Divorce, or more support through the Journey of Divorce. Either way we’re going to customize a plan based on what you need the most. My job is to support, focus, and guide you through the process so you make the best possible decisions for your future.


I hold a Bachelor of Arts from UBC, a Bachelor of Laws from UWO, and am trained as a lawyer. Following my Call to the B.C. Bar, I served as the Director of Career Development at the UWO Faculty of Law. Eventually I shifted my coaching focus to Divorce, and became a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® in addition to obtaining certifications and experience in Life Coaching and Personal Training.


My diverse background, including my own experience of divorce and parenting, has equipped me with a wide lense with which to assist my clients, and a continuing passion to serve others.


I am an enthusiastic mom of an engaging teen daughter, who inspires me to be my best self every day.

Navigating through divorce can be challenging and overwhelming.

Working with Vindy, you will feel the reassurance that comes with her exemplary listening skills, true openness, and calm demeanor. She is able to see the broader picture and explore various perspectives with her clients with compassion and empathy, which can be a very challenging skill to achieve in emotionally charged situations.


Alongside her exceptional interpersonal style, Vindy possesses strong critical thinking and conflict resolution skills. Relational and always collaborative in her approach. Vindy is able to connect with diverse individuals in an unbiased manner coming from a place of curiosity. Her professional legal education and training, along with her coaching credentials and experience of parenting and divorce, have helped her hone these skills.


Vindy is a resourceful individual, and uses her creativity and flexibility to serve her clients. She is able to assess situations, help clarify issues, and empower her clients to create their own goals and direction. Together with her well-rounded professional education and experience, Vindy’s ethical character, integrity, professionalism, understanding of family dynamics, and cultural humility make her a highly effective divorce coach.


Lucki Kang, BSW, MSW, RSW, Field Education Coordinator at University of the Fraser Valley School of Social Work and Human Services