I speak on topics related to Divorce Coaching as well as Personal Development, including the following:


Get Up… Stay Up!

Face Your Challenges Head On and Thrive


Have you noticed how some people seem to bounce back from life’s challenges pretty easily … ready to jump back in the game and take the next step?


How you face transitions and adversity in life can make or break you. In this talk, you’ll learn actionable and lasting techniques to build on your strengths, develop more resilience, and create more balance and ease.


Chaos to Clarity!

5 Must Knows For Parents and Kids


Do you and your kids struggle with competing demands for your time, negative influences, and a multitude of distractions? With the pace of life today, it’s easy to feel chaotic and confused. So what do you do to get clarity and design a life that works … that feels good and right?


In this presentation, I offer 5 powerful and practical techniques to help you simplify and focus, so you can become centered, intentionally create the life you want for yourself, and perform at the top of your game.


I am also happy to customize a talk for your event according to the needs and interests of your audience members.